Two Friends and the Bear (Story Time)

Two friends and the bear

Johnny and Andrew were two friends out enjoying the forest on a holiday. They were hiking along, taking in the view when Andrew suddenly heard leaves and twigs cracking behind them. As he turned, he happened to notice a bear was coming straight towards them!

Andrew shouted in paralyzing fear as the huge beast came barreling at them. There was no way he could see himself fending off this bear so he quickly turned and darted off before Johnny even had a chance to realize what was happening.
Andrew quickly climbed up the nearest tree, desperate to escape the bear, but did not think of Johnny who was left stumbling along behind him and incapable of climbing.

Though Johnny was terrified, he thought quickly and fell to the ground and played dead, hoping it would detour the bear from attacking him. The bear at sniffed him then whispered into his ear. Johnny trembled as the bear went on his way.

Andrew climbed down from the tree once the danger had passed and asked Johnny, 
"What did the bear whisper into your ear?"
Johnny replied, "The bear warned me to keep away from friends like you" 
then turned and he too, went on his way.

MORAL : Be careful who you allow to hold your trust. Not everyone will also provide a hand.