Calm - App Review

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Here I am sharing this amazing app for mental health and meditation. I personally find this one as my favorite for many reasons and this one I plan on purchasing premium for.

Calm has quite a few features that have helped me re-center myself and even push through suicidal thoughts and anxiety. It offers different "scenes" that are animated in the app and are very calm and relaxing accompanied with noises of the animated image (such as thunderstorm, fireplace, waterfalls, etc.). 

The sounds can be toggled to remain on even outside of the app.
The meditation circle has helped me tremendously to refocus and calm my nerves. I can set the seconds on inhale and exhale and it gives something to focus on to force myself into a meditative state of clear mind.

It even reads stories aloud for sleep time! There is relaxing music libraries and the stories have libraries too! Reminder alerts have helped to keep me on track too. I highly recommend this app and think it's honestly beneficial to everyone, not just those with mental illnesses