Animal Discovery - Binturong

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Binturong [bin-too r-awng, -ong] 

The Binturong, also known as the "bearcat", has a face like a cat and a stride like a bear. It is said to smell like popcorn!

They are native to South and Southeast Asia, hiding out in the canopies in the tropical forests, preferring to hang out in thicker vegetation.

Many have kept the Binturong as pets, especially in Malaysia, which has contributed to their drastically decreasing numbers. Their ill, short tempers make them more incompatible as pets.

These bearcats sport shaggy, coarse fur that ranges from grey to black in color. Weighing in at an average of about 19 lbs, they support themselves on short, stocky legs. 

From head to tail, they measure at about 90cm, and their tail alone measures about the same length as their body. Not only is their tail huge, it is also prehensile and very strong.

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These creatures are omnivores with a seeming preference to vegetation. When they are ready to mate at about 2.5 years of age, the females will purr to attract a male. After carrying the babies for 3 months, they will give birth to adorable little babies that have their eyes closed. They will be weaned after about 6-8 weeks but in the mean time, they will spend their first bit of life hiding in their mother's fur.

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