A Little More Personal Touch

I am all for supporting local business and entrepreneurs. Enough so that my Facebook tends to fill up quickly with liked pages and groups - as well as a magnificent timeline filled with beautiful creations. It's quite a nice break between the screaming politics and arguing religious posts. As humans, we are designed with this incredible mind and ability to build and create. To see this gift harnassed in the hands of those I admire well, that is something pretty special.

This post's purpose is to allow you to take a peek at what my timeline looks like. Creations. Art. Brilliance. 

Chainmaille is something we all may have heard about from school textbooks. It is exactly as it sounds: rings of chains connected to one another to form a piece of  "mesh". I did not realize this became a full-blown art form until I was awe-struck recently. 

These pieces each came out so creatively and thought out. 

This creator comes up with particular handmade chainmail headdresses, dragons, jewelry, decor, and more. 


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💓  KitnMaille Etsy  💓



Jen's Chainmaille

The forger of these fine pieces come from another fabulous creator. The pieces are set apart in their own brilliant displays. This shop releases amazing necklaces, bracelets, keychains, earrings, fidgets, and more

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The Furry

Pink Gecko Productions
Making a costume can take a lot of work. Imagine creating an entire character! That's just what Pink Gecko Productions does! A fabulous display of workmanship in furry designs.

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