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[X] Monster Prizes Instant Win and Sweepstakes

Monster Prizes Instant Win and Sweepstakes

Enter for a chance to win a Quadcopter Drone or instantly win a Monster t-shirt!

Ends November 3, 2017

There are 2 ways to enter:
 a) Text-Messaging Entry: text MONSTER to the short code 26739.
 Then, input the requested information to confirm your date of birth.
 If you are eligible, you will receive 1 entry into the Sweepstakes and 1 Instant Win Game play.

b) Free Online Entry: To enter without text messaging, visit and follow the links and instructions to complete and submit the registration form, including providing a valid email address.
 You will receive 1 Sweepstakes entry and will advance to the Instant Win Game page where you will receive 1 Instant Win Game play.

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