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"IT: Chapter 1" 2017 *NON-SPOILER* Movie Review

"IT: Chapter 1" 2017 Movie Review
*This is NOT a sponsored review. All opinions are my own

I have always been a big fan of Stephen King's works and "IT" has been one of my favorite thrillers of all time. Its one of those films that really grab your neck hairs by playing on your worst fears at an individual level. There is also the dynamic of children - which can be a terrifying aspect in itself, not to mention the lack of adult interference in what these kids are experiencing....

There are two unique ways to view this movie in a review sense - in comparison to the original 1990's film and to those who are coming at this film with a fresh slate.

In Comparison

Looking back on the original film, I remember a very cheesy, almost campy-horror feel to the story, which Stephen King is well known for. The original showed the progression of the story from childhood into adulthood in 3 hours 22 minutes run time while we have the adaptation version this year clocking in at 2 hours 15 minutes. I feel they left quite a large window available to continue in a "Chapter 2" movie and be capable of providing more detail for the adult side of the story so I am left on the edge of my seat waiting for the continuation of this group of losers. 

As for the character development between the two films, both were fairly strong for the misfits however I feel the 2017 version gave more substance to our feared killer, Pennywise. The pure insanity and non-humanesc feel was intensified a bit more in this film and it felt more as a stronger, more feared character. Bill Istvan Günther Skarsgård did a remarkable job at portraying Pennywise in appearance - which raises the creep factor over 9,000, the voice was on point, dialogue was eerily fantastic, and the overall persona was definitely given justice.

When it comes to the kids, their personas were put on screen with very strong leads, giving them all  a relate-able personality that really connects you to each of their individual stories. Our antagonist group did an outstanding job in acting giving the audience a really hate-filled reaction to what was happening to our misfit group of losers. They did help push the story along and provided more details for our group of kids and why exactly they are so tormented. 

As a comparison stand point, my only complaint was that I wish the adult negligence would have been focused a little more as this, to me, adds a whole other level of anguish and determination for the viewer to see when children are going missing and are - what we would think of as going completely insane - we don't get to see the interaction much of how the adults don't believe their own children and how they keep shrugging off the missing kids. We do get to see the obliviousness in one seen with Bevvie, and the "shrug off" in one seen of missing children's posters, but it was left there. Otherwise, I can't say it ruined any rating for me as this was compensated with the further development and interactions with the losers.

Director Andrés Muschietti gave great justice to the story and captured the essence of the original while intensifying the creep factor. I would say in my opinion, this film should flourish.

Fresh Slate

Coming at this movie without having seen the original will leave open to a bit more of a wow factor than what they may be used to seeing. Be prepared, like many of Stephen King's works, for blood and cringe moments. The jump scares are really embedded in this movie as well - even when you know something is about to pop up, you can never prepare yourself for it.

Plenty of children laughing, crying, pleading, bleeding, tortured, and that creepy melodic singing in the dark.  

CGI - Cgi was used several times during the scenes with Pennywise - and its pretty obvious which is which. However, to take into account the actual character of the "clown", the non-human movements and constant contorting of the body would have to require some form of computer interference to really show the grotesque nature of the creature. While some parts come across as cheesy and over-obvious as I stated, I don't feel that it took too much away from the movie or really any attention away from the thriller side of the film. 

There are quite a few things that I could see outsiders having a difficult time with understanding what is going on such as the sewers with Pennywise's trance or the "masks" he uses. But, as long as attention is paid to dialogue between the cursing adolescents and the sexual innuendos, the premise should be pretty clear. 

Even through the incredibly cheesy dialogue and interactions, this movie has plenty of elements filled with nightmare fuel. The pure insanity, chaos and lack of control of a - what would appear to be a rampant clown - will raise the hairs on the back of your neck and provide plenty of cringe moments. Do keep in mind that they kept the older setting of the original book so it is an older feel at least, for now.

IT returns every 27 years.

It has been 27 years since the original release of the film.

Stay out of Derry Maine.

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