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Get Cash Back With Paribus

Get Cash Back With Paribus
Paribus is a free service that you connect with your most used email account. It will monitor items that you purchase online to alert you when prices drop on an item and find if there are any cash back options on already made purchases.

> Sign up for Paribus
> Enter your information
> Link your email account
> You must link a credit card

**There is no fee for the price drop Service unless Paribus gets you a refund. If [they] do, Paribus’ success fee is twenty-five percent (25%) of the refund amount (“Fee”). Any refunds that Paribus obtains will be credited by the Merchant to the credit card (or other form of payment) you used to make the purchase, as determined by the Merchant’s policy. 

Each month, Paribus will send you a summary of refunds [they] obtained, and the applicable Fees. Each month, [they] will charge the Fees owed to the credit card you place on file with [them]. 

You must keep an open credit card account on file with Paribus at all times. Your card account must have sufficient available credit to cover the Fees. If your card is declined, [they] have the right to seek payment and/or cease providing the Service immediately.

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