What's Up with Prenatal Vitamins?

What's Up with Prenatal Vitamins?
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A big thing to keep in consideration while pregnant is what you take into your body. Some of the first things that you will hear from your doctor will most likely be the need for prenatal vitamins. There are surprisingly a lot of differences in prenatal vitamins, as they are not all created equal. It is recommended to take them during pregnancy to reduce possible birth defects. So what should you know about these vitamins? 

There are some claims that prenatal vitamins can help reduce nausea while pregnant, create a healthier shine and grow to your nails and hair, provides energy, and see better skin complexion. They will also help to keep your iron levels up for yours and the baby's sake. 

However, recent studies show that these vitamins may not be best for every woman and depending on your geographical location, you may need less, or even more of a particular vitamin. There is always a such thing as "too much". Many sources have stated that it is more important to try to get the nutrients you need from a healthy diet and supplement with vitamins only where absolutely needed.

The best advice would be to talk to your doctor to find out what your body already lacks, and find ways to compliment the vitamins or substitute them all together. There seem to be few concerns if you do choose to take them, just keep in mind excess amounts of certain vitamins can cause birth defects, but statistical evidence is rare. Take a look through the links provided below. Educate yourself and familiarize yourself with the pros and cons to come to your own decision.

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