Should I Co-Sleep?

Should I Co-Sleep?
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There's no doubt that co-sleeping is a questionable thing. What are the benefits? Is it safe? Will my partner be able to accommodate? Co-sleeping has (and still is) one of those more topics up for controversy for parents. It is important to be well educated on the matter if you so choose to co-sleep, and if you choose not to, understand how you can still aid your child just the same through the night. 

Products have been created to provide a safer sense of co-sleeping such as the side bed cradle - which basically provides your child with barriers as well as a safe cubby away from adult bodies. 

Some parents swear by co-sleeping that also breastfeed as it makes the experience easier through the night. Some also claim that it makes it easier to teach your baby to sleep much better through the night and learn more self-soothing measures because they know you are near. 

Of course, there are obvious cons as well when taking into consideration potential lack of sleep for the parent due to the baby's restlessness, the possibility of smothering the baby during slumber, and even rolling off of the bed in the middle of the night. 

To educate yourself a little more on additional studies on co-sleeping and other opinion articles, check out some of the links below to make your own decision!