Mommy Brain

Mommy Brain
As a new mother, carrying a precious gem inside of my womb, I had many decisions to face and very little guidance. Its much like being thrown out into the world with the expectation that you should know what you are doing. Guidance could have came from my mother or grandmother, but many views may have been considered more out-dated or less researched at the time. It became apparent that doctors or nurses' advice couldn't be weighed properly with a stone nor feather. So what is a new mom to do?

"Mommy Brain" is a term more often used for the forgetfulness of new mothers, but that is not what I will be referring this article to. "Mommy Brain", in another sense of the phrase, can also be referred to the natural instincts and founded knowledge of a mother.

I came to learn to trust my own judgement in situations regarding my child, and trust the comparative knowledge of the written documents strewn across the internet. Relying on myself was probably one of the best things that I could have done. 

To co-sleep or not to co-sleep? What about breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding? How about prenatal vitamins? Benefits versus none for circumcisions? Home remedies? For goodness sake, what about the child's name!? STOP!

We fortunately live in a world now where information is readily available at our fingertips with new and updated information and opinion articles. I found it best to go one at a time when it came to real concerns that I had. Unfortunately, mine came after having my baby. I had conflicting information and even shaming at many points during my stay in the hospital. Shaming for co-sleeping, then shaming for not. Shaming for breastfeeding, then shaming for doubting it. I grew tired of feeling ashamed and started questioning what would be best for my little one. 

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