Wrist Wraps by Alpha Beast Review

Wrist Wraps by Alpha Beast Review

I received this product for free for testing and evaluating purposes. All opinions are my own.

My fiance and I have both been putting a lot of effort into getting into shape. He is more drawn towards the weightlifting aspect while I focus mostly on cardio. I have been graced with the opportunities to try out some supportive equipment to help keep us on track.

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He has weak wrists due to a skateboarding accident several years ago, so we tried out these wrist wraps by Alpha Beast. They allow a lot of room for adjustment and stay on very well, the Velcro straps haven't slipped. Like most other wrist wraps, this one also has the elastic loop that goes around the thumb to help hold the wrap in place on the wrist. 

While this seems to be a necessary component, we didn't find that it was very comfortable. However, I have found that most people have a preference to the style of wrist support - ours may just be more set on the gloves style, as I have contact with many others that prefer the strap. Otherwise, the support is helpful regardless of the style and serves its purpose.