My Issue With Green-Lighting A Vet

I have been having issues accepting this "Green Light" for Veterans campaign (its also sponsored by Wal-Mart so that doesn't help sway me towards it) because it seems like just another contribution to America's too well know "Slakivism" to take advantage of the consumer. Of course, I could be wrong, but this is just my thoughts on the matter.

Companies accomplish this by appealing to the consumers' desire to help and make a change when they don't know what else to do. As far as I have seen, I don't see proceeds going to veterans or even further information given to the public to actually help.

I'm not a veteran, but I imagine seeing those Green Lights may be a haunting reminder as an empty gesture from the country they defend only to be spit on when they come home. I'd love to know ya'lls opinions (especially any veterans) on this and share how you feel (RESPECTFULLY). I'm lost and confused other than feeling empty. There are better ways to help, in my opinion.

I looked at the official site . The "direct" proceeds do not go directly to funding veterans. Wal-Mart has been giving grants to organizations though, from my understanding. 

The "official" site for the project does not show much information at all other than "show your support by clicking a button!" and the all-time favorite "Share this video on social media!" Which I suppose at least its spreading awareness but does anything actually come out of this?

Wal-Mart's explanation on how this program is supposedly helping vets (which blantly says its "as simple as shining a green light on your door!") and talking about where they donate (but not the proceeds of the bulbs or anything for that matter, this is out of corporate.) 

Again when it was covered in Wal-Mart news still nothing other than supposedly spreading awareness.

My question still remains; how does this actually help our veterans other than making the American consumer feel they have helped and done something when really they haven't?

This isn't a football team, these are people who have risked their lives and families who have lost their brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, etc.... They should be treated better than any of that in my opinion, but again, I'm not a veteran but I would love to know from veterans and their families how this helps them.

Another point to be made regarding these types of campaigns is how strongly people are to defend them when in reality, they haven't done anything other than changing a bulb and can give me no explanation otherwise why I should do these things other than "Because we support our troops". How about showing your support by buying them a meal? Contributing to housing projects, volunteering, donating household items, vehicles, clothing? 

In the long run, I'd much rather see people purchasing the color coordinated tee-shirts with the logos on them where some if not all proceeds go to benefit their given organization rather than buying a bulb at a mega-giant corporation that is penny-pocketing all profit off of the emotions of the consumer.

The final issue with these color awareness campaigns is that it has grown out of hand. While arguing with people about this campaign, other colors were brought up such as red and blue. After a lot of bickering everyone settled that red was for firefighters and blue was apparently for police officers. Well, I suppose I didn't get the memo since I last heard blue was for Autism awareness. Not only that but at some point a campaign was made for the Green Light Campaign to be for Organ Tissue Donation Awareness

See where this is getting us? We're bickering over colors.

In the end, no one is going to care what color your porch light is. In my opinion, it looks ridiculous and makes me feel like you just want to accept a year-round Halloween. (Which I would totally be down for!)

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