InstaNatural Deodorant Review

InstaNatural Deodorant Review

I received this product for free for testing and evaluating purposes. All opinions are my own.

I have been struggling for a while to find a deodorant that works right on me. Its just another one of those things that my mother didn't really think to teach me. While now-days we seem to go through life in an effort to go more "green" and "organic" - well, at least as close to organic as we can get, its sometimes nice to come across a product where you can pronounce all of the ingredients. 

I was given the opportunity to test out this "organic" deodorant by InstaNatural, this company is still fairly new from starting back in 2013 on Amazon. They seem to be prospering and the array of products offered should keep that business thriving. 

This deodorant has been doing very well with managing my sweat without leaving the feeling of clogged pores. It goes on in a liquid-type layer and [thankfully] has offered my pits room to breathe while still managing odor successfully. 

The only part of this deodorant that deterred me was the aroma - it has a very strong scent of essential oil blends when first applied, but it does seem to mellow itself out after about 15-20 minutes of wear. I personally also have not had to make more than one application in one day which was quite nice. There was also no signs of residue left behind, so no more streaked shirts!