Combaterwing Mouse Pad Review

Combaterwing Mouse Pad Review
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I received this mat for free for testing and evaluation purposes. All opinions are my own

My best comparison to this mat would be the ultra pro gaming mats often seen in Trading Card Games. This mat, I would say, is much better served for use on a computer as an actual mouse pad.

The top surface is very smooth, the bottom surface has a nice grip to my table and it is nice to not see hindrance while moving my mouse. The edges seem durable and sewn very well and made meant to last. The only problem I seem to encounter is the lip that the edges cause while trying to rest your wrists or move the mouse around, it can cause a bit of a problem. It measures 700 x 300 x 2mm / 27.56 x 11.81 x 0.08"... so not quite as large as those known from Ultra Pro, but it still holds up for a good quality gaming mat.