QWunder App by EQtainment Review

QWunder App by EQtainment Review

I signed up for a 30 day free trial of the accompanied QWunder App for Android that is meant to go hand-in-hand with my child's learning and understanding of social, emotional, and behavioral skills. The app is in partnership with the other EQtainment products.

When initially installing the app, I chose the free 30 day trial offer, otherwise the app is $7.99/month.
Through the sign up process, you are to take a short 20 question quiz about your child and how they rank when it comes to certain skills (like the image shown below) in a ranking of Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Usually, or Always. The results of this quiz will tell you which areas need the most attention in your child. 

I was rather annoyed that all of the questions were cut off in the text, and the choices were jumbled (As shown). I tried this app on two different devices and still had this issue. However, I can't say that it affected the overall understanding of what was being asked. Once you go through the questions, you will get a result screen about your child. 

I can't say that this is too accurate, but only 20 questions were asked. Upon tapping the button to learn more, you don't actually get to learn too much more. The app provides an odd ranking system for how your child stands in each category.

 This app is meant to engage your child through useful videos starring their main character, Q Wunder the monkey, struggling with understanding how to manage his social, behavioral, and emotional skills. The app uses games and interactive videos to engage and teach your child these important lessons.

I however, did not have that opportunity or much luck with the app. The game screen was extremely buggy and caused a lot of issues. The only video that was available to watch was the pilot video and no other ones would play. I did not have the opportunity to play the games, or see any available. 

I do believe this app has a lot of potential, but for now, it just seems extremely buggy and a bit too pricey for lack of available options other than monitoring your child's progress on a dashboard that is judged by the amount of videos watched and activities completed, not so much on the progress. I love EQtainment, but the app is a miss for me.

Try the app for yourself!: