Q Wunder, The Monkey Review

Q Wunder, The Monkey Review
*These products were provided to me for free in sponsorship with EQtainment for testing and evaluating purposes. All Opinions are my own

The star of EQtainment, and the star of my house party was Q Wunder himself. Q came with the instructions for a breathing exercise meant to teach children self control and emotion management. 

- Place Q on your tummy
- Tap three times on your forehead as you breathe in. Watch Q go up.

- Tap three times on your forehead as you breathe out. Watch Q go down.

I was personally impressed with this simple exercise as I watched the children try it for themselves. Q has made an excellent "talk it out" buddy, and reflection time pal. I love that EQtainment has incorporated almost a sense of meditation for children by giving them a focus point. It helps that the monkey is extremely soft and is only weighted in his bottom. He makes an awesome focal point. 

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Q is a very soft plush monkey that is huggable and cuddly. He is stuffed with heavier beads only in his bottom to provide weight for the breathing exercise. He wears an adorable little green hoodie that has a hood that Q can wear. He is rather adorable and is made of excellent quality.

I have been experimenting with a no-spank household and have cleverly incorporated Q into emotion management. I have my little one sit down with Q for "Quiet Time" and "Reflection Time". Q acts much like a mediator so my daughter can express her feelings to the plush, all while feeling comfortable enough to gain a grip on her own emotions. Q provides an easier focal point for little ones with shorter attention spans as well and I have counted this little guy as a blessing in disguise. Upon explaining Q to the other parents, we all found our own uses for Q ranging from the following:

- Wonderful pal to fight off nightmares and night scares. Teaching our children how to manage their fears and even becoming a fear-fighting buddy.

- Time out pal to talk out our problems as a mediator and help our children express their emotions in a positive manner. We learned how to explain to our children that it is okay to feel angry or sad, but its not okay to lash out on others or break objects.

- Anxiety relief buddy for those of us that have children that are in split households for the child to have at least that one centered positive focal point for them to grasp to. Those of us whose children have issues in crowded places or high stimulants, the soft texture as well as the weighted bottom of the monkey helps to bring focus back to a singular object when experiencing overwhelming feelings.

- Breathing exercise pal to the rescue when it comes to aiding our children in meditative practices. This is a lifesaver at times for when our children become overly upset and need something to focus on to calm themselves down to learn self awareness and how to properly and positively manage their own emotional states.

Out of all of the EQtainment products offered so far, I enjoyed playing with Q the most and figuring out more versatile options to use Q in healthy ways to teach my child important life skills. Its great that I can accompany Q the plush with their web series!