Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for the Freebie Hunter

You will find that many sample offers/freebies and other offers will have a checkbox at the end offering to subscribe you to their newsletter through your email and most of the time, you will find that these are usually pre-checked. 

*Please know that they are often not required. You can un-check these. Though, a good suggestion would be to have a separate email address for freebies just to keep down the clutter as some offers require you to verify your email by clicking a link they email to you. These offers help reduce people from abusing the offers. If you find that you are receiving unwanted newsletters to your email, simply click on the email, scroll to the bottom and find the "Unsubscribe" link and follow the given directions (if there are any).

Many freebies, giveaways, and sweepstakes will require you to perform actions on your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flikr and more. Some may only allow certain offers to certain platforms. Where acceptable, it may help to create a secondary account to filter through the shares or required entry methods. Be aware however, review opportunities, sample opportunities, and more may be dependent on your social impact numbers (ie. your friends and social activity) Some platforms accept multiple accounts, and some do not.

Facebook strictly prohibits multiple accounts regardless of the purpose.
Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, and Google+ allow the use of multiple accounts.

The use of auto-fill forms can save you tremendous amounts of time and frustration while requesting freebies. Most of the forms for freebies request about the same information: mainly your:
Name, Email, Street Address, City, State, Zipcode, (and sometimes) birth date and phone number. Most browsers offer extensions so you will only need to fill the information in one time, then effectively double click/right click the forms to select your data to automatically be filled. 

Internet Explorer Auto Fill

I can not express how many times I have had people complain to me that they are not receiving samples, they swear that they have filled out, but they have not double checked their information.

Some requests require users to verify their email by clicking on a verification link they are sent from the company to ensure that an actual person is requesting and that only one person gets the allotted samples. Even when using auto-fill, make sure that the email address is inputted correctly, and that all information given is accurate.

Please do not ask blog writers, group owners, or those trying to help you to fill in these forms for you. It would be nice if we could all automatically be signed up for these things, but other people have to deal with their own forms. It is solely your responsibility to fill the forms out if you wish to receive the products. Simply "liking" or commenting on the posts that are made in the groups does not mean you are signed up for the offer. You have to actively click on each offer that you want and fill the forms out. 

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The quest for requesting freebies can be a tedious one. If you are wanting big results like you see advertised in photos skewed throughout these freebie blogs/groups, you have to remain consistent. Bigger results will call for more work - meaning its better to request as often as possible for a steady stream to pile in your mailbox. Requesting only 2-3 samples will tend to land you in disappointment and discouragement as it can take time for those few to arrive. Check for free sample opportunities every day, or even several times a day, to increase your chances of getting them. However, also keep in mind that this can sometimes feel like a hoarding situation so never feel pressured to sign up for everything. Sign up for things that interest you or if you know someone who would like the item, or even a place to donate it to!


Some companies won't openly advertise that they have samples available. You can broaden your chances of receiving some by simply looking up the websites of your favorite brands and email them to ask if you might be able to have a free sample. Be as courteous as possible when asking, or even send complaints to some brands that you are not happy with, and compliments to those you are happy with. Chances are, they may want to keep you as a customer. You may also be able to try that tactic on some of the companies that you pay bills to (like your cell phone, electric, car, etc.) You never know if you never ask!


Not all sites and forms are mobile friendly. Be aware of tricks to work on your mobile device by opening those unlucky sites in "desktop mode". It may be more aggravating to navigate, but at least you can get the job done. 

Most mobile devices will allow you to copy paste by pressing and holding the screen (provided you have a touch screen phone) and a blue highlight will appear over the text. You should have two bars that you can slide as well to select all text needing copied. A bar should appear showing an option to "Copy" and it will be saved to your clipboard. Wherever you need to paste, just press and hold until the options appear again and select "Paste"