Freebie Hunter Guide

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Hi there freebie hunters!

I've been freebie hunting for over 6 years now and one thing that I see in all of the forums, groups, and pages that I visit is skepticism and doubt. I totally get it! I went through it too when I first started and it is very easy to feel discouraged. I am writing out this guide in the hopes to explain how things work a little more clearly and get you on the right path to requesting freebies on your own.

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* Let's start by saying: Most samples can take anywhere between 2-10 weeks to arrive to you, and sometimes longer depending on supply, demand, and even transit issues. Do keep in mind that unfortunately, sometimes samples will run out or are old/no longer offered, thus not arriving to you. This happens but just keep moving on! Keep in mind that it is not a 100% sure thing that you will receive an online sample. Things can happen. 

* Know and understand the differences between a freebie, a trial, giveaways, sweepstakes, and instant wins.

HOW THIS SITE (and others like it) PLAYS A ROLE

When you click on a link to a free sample from any of a freebie site's pages, you will be taken away from that website to the website responsible for that sample, giveaway, sweepstakes, etc. When you place a request for a free sample with that website, it is then between you and that website. We can be considered a middle man that simply does the research to collaborate them all effectively in one place.

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Samples: By definition; a small part or quantity intended to show what the whole is like.

Companies usually give out a limited amount of samples in hopes to spread word-of-mouth about their products or hear feedback. Many are even in hopes that the receiver will like the sample and purchase a full size product. These are usually limited quantity and first come, first serve basis and can go out quick once advertised on a freebie site. 

Freebies: By definition; something given free of charge

A freebie is usually looked at as a full-sized product or a full service given at no charge. You will usually find these more so in giveaways or contests. These can also come from coupons that effectively make the price of the item free. 

Sweepstakes: By definition; a promotional drawing in which prizes are given away at no charge to the participants.

Sweepstakes are easy to find. These usually consist of placing an entry into the drawing (ie. signing up, providing your email, etc) for a chance to win a prize. Entering a sweepstakes is like playing the lottery.  The odds are usually based off of the amount of participants. Some sweepstakes will allow entrants to do additional activities (like sharing on Facebook, on Twitter, Liking a page, etc) for additional entries to win. 

Instant Wins: Instant Win Games are usually accompanied by a sweepstakes, but have been seen to only offer an instant win. Basically, a company will set up a game of some sort, or provide an activity to complete (ie. Spin a virtual wheel, match virtual cards, etc) to find out if you are an instant winner. Many of these are often allowed multiple plays (ie once per day, once per week, etc). You are not guaranteed a win for completing the activity, but you do have a better chance of winning an Instant Win than a Sweepstakes.