Silicone Bottle LED Camping Lantern Review

Silicone Bottle LED Camping Lantern

DISCLOSURE: I received this product at a discount for testing and evaluating purposes. All opinions are my own
UPDATE ON 8/11/16: Just wanted to note that I STILL have this lantern and use it regularly. It has had no problems charging and actually charges pretty fast (was fully charged within about 2-3 hours via the USB-to-computer and a bit faster via wall outlet adapter) and solar charging has varied. It still seals tight and I am extremely pleased with it. Only wish that the handle would have been adjustable.

This lantern is actually pretty amazing in my opinion. I have begun working on a bug out bag and found I am also extremely picky as to what I choose to go into it.

+ The seal for the top is very tight and keeps a good seal to keep out water and debris from inside of the container. It has proven efficient in keeping contents waterproof, which is one of the top reasons I decided to add this to my bag. Since it is collapsible, it is also a space saver.

- I was actually a bit disappointed to read the instructions when it was clearly noted this should not be used for drinking/storing water. Though the Amazon listing states that it is "not dishwasher safe", I still figured it would be a good drinking container as well, but it is not - and I would feel safer not drinking out of it since the instructions state one thing but the Amazon listing says otherwise.

+ The light is extremely bright, with three available settings. The first setting is a simple bright light with the first push of the button, the second option steps up the brightness considerably, and the third button creates an alert flash. One last push turns it off. Convenience wise, it may have been easier to add a button for each option instead of the requirement of cycling through, but I won't take off for that notion.

- The clips for the handle are on the sides with an upward curl from the plastic strap handle. This handle is not capable of adjustment, nor has it proven very efficient in remaining on the bottle for each time that I need to remove it (as this has been shown to be the only true way to "clip" it onto anything like a backpack) I personally removed the handle on mine and replaced it with cord.

+/- I have found that with the (included) USB charger, the light portion seems to charge quickly. Though, I do wish that there were a way to determine which power supply is being used at what time.