Ozeri WeightMaster BMI Scale Review

Ozeri ZB21-W WeightMaster

DISCLOSURE: I received this product for FREE for testing and evaluating purposes. All opinions are my own.

**UPDATE 6/11/16 - I wanted to update this to inform that the scale no longer bothers to pick up the BMI reading and after having a chance to weigh in on other scales, this one is inaccurate with a difference ranging between 6 - 10 pounds per weigh in. It also no longer cycles through the past weigh ins. I would not recommend this to any one.

This scale has a lot of features and promises many things right off of the bat including BMI detection, high capacity sensors, auto recognition intelligence, color alert technology, and weight differential detection. Some of the features, I could see making the scale worth the $29.95, but other things leave me disappointed.

AUTO RECOGNITION INTELLIGENCE: This is a feature that I am NOT happy with. While it is a good idea, it is executed poorly. The scale claims to have availability of up to 5 users. By doing this through the set up, I could already tell that it was going to be a problem. My height is set at 5' 4" (because the users go by HEIGHT, not user number). My fiance's height is 5'6". There is no way to toggle between the two users as the scale "automatically" adjusts to the user. What we found was it judges by WEIGHT, if I become the same weight (or less) than my fiance, it will register as User 2 instead of User 1. This feature would have been much better with some way to toggle between users.

SET UP/MANUAL: Insertion of the batteries is simple and the setup of the user profile is seamless. It does come with a manual that explains everything thoroughly with many different translations as well. It also includes a guide for BMI versus height in accordance with the obesity scale.

SENSOR: I have been using this scale every day and have found both the touch buttons and the stand platform are very touchy. I could barely graze a finger across the platform and it will register as if someone were standing on it. Since I have pets, this causes the registered weights to log incorrectly and runs the batteries down quickly whenever they walk on it. The scale needs to remain flat on a hardwood surface as well or else it will register weight while lifting it up, or may give an incorrect reading if on an uneven surface like carpet.

BMI DETECTION: The BMI detection is a nice feature if you are wanting to keep track of where you stand in regards to obesity. There isn't much to say about that.

COLOR ALERTS/WEIGHT DIFFERENTIAL DETECTION: I love the color alerts because the scale keeps track of your last 5 weigh ins. After a weigh in, the bottom of the scale will light up either red - if you have gained weight, or green - if you have lost weight, and will cycle through to show the last 5 weigh ins (which is what it was beginning to do in my video). It makes it much easier to see.

THE WEIGH IN: The scale is extremely iffy, I would go as far as to say "moody" when it comes to weigh ins. I have had weigh in times where I am stuck standing on the scale watching the weight flicker between grams. This is annoying and time consuming.

Overall, for an interesting look with BMI using weight and height, its not the worst scale out there, but it is certainly not the best. It could be with a few minor adjustments, but for the price, the weight of the scale alone and the otherwise fancy design would look lovely in a bathroom - but mostly for show - and you would have to keep a note on the scale to keep visitors from trying to weigh in on it for the sake of messing up your past weigh ins!