Real Bugs: Japanese Emerald Beetle Review


*Disclosure: I received this product at a discount for testing and evaluating purposes. All opinions are my own

I am actually rather disappointed in this product for several reasons.

At first, my impression was "Real Bugs" was simply the brand name of the series, unfortunately they misinform the consumer with the fact sheets that this is a "bug" when in-fact, it is an insect (yes, there is a distinct difference and it is important that people understand this difference).
Secondly, this particular insect is a "Rhomborrhina japonica" as described and advertised, but it is NOT an Emerald Japanese Beetle as it states. The scientific name for an Emerald Japanese Beetle is "Popillia japonica". This insect is known as the "Drone Beetle", also known as "Kanabun"
More information follows with this product as it states it is only indigenous to Japan. The Emerald Japanese Beetle can be found in the United States, but the Drone Beetle is usually located around Japan.

This insect is well preserved in the lucite and is protected in such. Of course this insect has been dropped a few times upon examination with younger children but shows no more wear than a few scratches and marks across the surface equivalent to that of a touch screen phone. 

The DRONE BEETLE is lovely in appearance, spread out so I have been able to have the full 360 view and the fine details of the hairs on the legs.

Overall, it would be better if it were as advertised and had the correct information on the fact card. I still think its an awesome addition to our collection for educational purposes, collecting, and our simple admiration, but I don't necessarily recommend this unless one were willing to do the research themselves - if they cared that much about insects. Otherwise, they are cool to collect but I cannot give more than 3 stars due to the massive amounts of misinformation and disregard to the proper insect as it is false advertising.