Purefly Inflatable Neck Pillow Review

DISCLOSURE: I received this product for free for testing and evaluating purposes. All opinions are my own.

Ease of Use: This particular pillow was surely designed for easy storage while not in use and simple set-up when needed. There are many like this on the market and usually are offered in different shapes for comfort. This pillow does fall short in a few areas when giving a comparison with similar pillows while including price factor, comfort, and east of use.

- Inflating: The air valve is small and short which causes the inflation process to be hindered as it is difficult to clear the obstruction of the pillow from the tube. It is easy to become winded when inflating this pillow where as other brands such as "Travel Smart" or "REI" offer a much wider air valve that requires less breath for the inflation. The only way that I was able to inflate it after many tries, was with my manual air pump from my exercise ball.
- / + Comfort: The additional raised pads were much appreciated with a soft feel overlay. This gives more comfort to help prevent kinks in the neck when sleeping in those awkward up-right positions. However, the back of the pillow has a noticeable lip that irritated my neck with poking and prodding. I would imagine though that if one were good with scissors, they MIGHT be able to remove it, but the pressure in the pillow might cause a rip in places that could ruin its use. There was no way to bend it to avoid the irritation, it was stuck outright.

The good thing is you can inflate it as little or as much as you want and the deflation is simple and quick as well. The extra bag is nice and handy to keep it in my car without having to worry about getting it punctured in the glove compartment.