Zelotes THINKTANK Gaming Mouse Review

Zelotes THINKTANK Gaming Mouse Review

I purchased this mouse for personal use, work use, as well as gaming. I have to say I was extremely skeptical at first because the price was actually manageable for a mouse that appeared so awesome. Here is my experience with it:

DPI : The DPI is advertised (up to) 9200 precision, I currently have it comfortably set to 7500 for games such as League of Legends, Maple Story, and Diablo 3. The cursor moved smoothly and very quick which made these games much more enjoyable to play (in comparison to using my old wireless Logitech mouse)

SCROLL: The scroll wheel is remarkably smooth with no clicking. It leaves just enough interference to alert to the stops.

CLICKS: The double click feature has been used both in and out of gaming as well as at work (CAD desk job) and has been a life saver, making browsing, gaming, and work seamless. The left and right clicks work as they should.

EXTRAS: The extra buttons on the sides for back and forward have not been used much as I have not seen a real use for them, but they did work fine with pressing when tested after first un-packaged and are still working fine today. I was worried at first that my fingers would have issues pressing them while gaming, but I have yet to have any slips nor have I had to go out of my way to avoid them.

LIGHTS: The lighting feature has not disappointed. It is easy to change with the click of one button and I really like being able to customize it whenever I wish according to my moods.

CORD: The braided wire cord has frayed slightly by this point, but it was to be expected. I am very pleased with the length of the cord, giving plenty of room to move around during gaming and for extended screen play.

SIZE: This mouse is a bit larger than a usual mouse (especially a big difference compared to my old tiny Logitech) but I have been able to adjust accordingly with no issues and I have small hands.

Overall, its been about 2 months since I received this mouse I would highly recommend it for gamers, desk jobs, or just personal enjoyment. I am in love with the customization and I couldn't really think of anything I don't love about the convenience and design!