Zheye Perfect Silicone Balance Bracelet Review

Zheye Perfect Silicone Balance Bracelet
DISCLOSURE: I received this product for free for testing and evaluating purposes. All opinions are my own.

I have mixed feelings about these bracelets. They remind me of the old gel bracelets except thicker and slightly heavier.

+ The colors are actually quite beautiful, bright, and vivid. The variety of colors that are available is broad while even including some patterns as well.

+/- They arrived in a very neat tiny box with no indication on the actual product inside other than the brand's name. The box itself is very cute, perhaps almost too cute for something that feels and seems so cheaply made in my opinion, but the box was nice for gifting purposes none the less. They were also within a pouch, which was seemingly a bit unnecessary but I found more use out of the pouch than I did the bracelets.

- The description is extremely misleading as I ordered a medium size and they fit quite well on my four-year-old's wrist, that being said they certainly couldn't fit on mine. These are made more for smaller children than for teenagers - unless those teenagers have very small wrists. However, I personally would not feel comfortable allowing my child to wear them unsupervised period for the fact that you can really smell the chemicals on the bracelets and I would hate to know what would happen if they were ingested.

Overall, I would only suggest these for children for supervised playtime only and not for every-day use. Though, I have found them to be very durable so far, I would not wish to test their true boundaries.