Noot Earphones Review

Noot Earphones

Disclosure: I received these earphones for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review with no obligation to the seller or product.
+ PACKAGE AND STYLE: I was truly impressed with these earphones. First, they arrived in a nice little box that is gift-worthy, and with extra earbuds in different sizes for maximum and personalized comfort. The extra earbuds came in a separate zip bag and the actual earphones came in their own zip bag. The cord is flat which makes it more difficult to tangle and easier to get any tangles out.

+ MICROPHONE: The microphone portion is close enough to your mouth that the sound comes through crystal clear. There is a volume switch to turn up or down which is designated by the + or - symbols. The phone icon can answer and hang up calls as well as pause and play music from your devices. The microphone quality was tested and comes through crystal clear. The only critical standpoint I have to give to make this product better would be if there were a clip available with it to keep it in place but where the distance from mouth to microphone, it may very well be better off without one.

+ PLAYBACK/FEEDBACK: Sound on devices seem to come through with no interference, loud sound, and high quality as advertised. Phone calls sound as if the person were sitting right next to you. Music playback comes through loud and clear, I did not experience any type of feedback or crackling noises like I have with other brands in the past.

+ COMFORT: I was surprised to see they arrived with 3 different sizes of bud pieces for comfort that were easy to remove and replace. They fit snugly in my ears and definitely come through with the promise of "noise cancellation". I was unable to hear anything beyond my music or phone calls unless I turned the volume down.