Sweepstakes, Instant Wins, and Referrals

Sweepstakes, Instant Wins, and Referrals

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Knowing the ins-and-outs to what entails sweepstakes and instant win games can help you navigate these options with ease and confidence.
There are usually 3 ways in which these types of contests come about. You may see only a sweepstakes offered, only an instant win game offered, and sometimes both. 

With a sweepstakes entry, its usually fairly straight forward - you give your information and you are automatically entered to win. On some of these, you may be provided additional entry options by completing activities. Those activities usually involve social media. "Like" the page. "Visit" this page. "Share this post". "Comment on this post". etc. Often times these sweepstakes will show you how many entries you have accumulated. -- Think of it as the more raffles you buy, the more chance you have of winning -- except its free to enter!

With a sweepstakes COUPLED with an instant win game, you get the best of both worlds. You sign up and simply follow instructions given and have a chance to play to INSTANTLY win a prize -- and whether you win or lose, you gain an entry into a sweepstakes as well. 

With an instant win, it is just as it states. You usually get to play a game for a chance to win one of many prizes.

With a lot of these contests, you may see the more popular referral offers that are set up for you to have a referral link to share across your social media panels for extra entries. The best way to gain your referrals, is by partaking in as many social media platforms as possible. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., anywhere you are able to post a link and gain followers is helpful. Also, take advantage of the freebie groups posted across those platforms where you are given the opportunity to post your link.